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I was treated well. The office staff were friendly. I had some nerve tests done. The assistant that did the first tests was kind and very professional. Even laughing at my silly jokes. The next part where the doctor took over was very fast and a little painful. Needles in your skin does that. I suggest if you have any questions, that you write then down and ask when you can. Dr. Chopra is in and out of there in a flash.


Las Vegas

So far so good for me. I have had 2 appointments so far. The first ran a little late, maybe 30-45 minutes but after meeting with Dr. Chopra you can understand why. He cares. He is friendly, to the point but will answer everything without making you feel rushed.

My second appointment was for a nerve test. I arrived early to that appointment, was seen before my appointment time and was out of the office within 30 minutes.

Bedside manner is great. Staff has all been friendly.


Las Vegas

Hands down the best doctor. My father started coming here after going two years to a different one. He was recommended to us to take him there. I’ve been sick for almost ten years and thanks to him I finally found out what I have. And now he’s treating my sister and let me tell you he listens to you. I suggest bring any questions you may have in writing because he is so busy and speaks real fast. I have canceled appointments 24hrs before and had no problems. Highly recommended.


Las Vegas

I totally love Dr Chopra, he takes time with each patient. Staff is nice and Gaby is always helping me and my husband, she is a sweetheart.

Cristal L

Las Vegas

Dr. Chopra is, without a doubt, the most qualified, professional and experienced physician you could choose. His kind and caring manner is so refreshing and comforting. He is amazingly knowledgeable and expertly trained, I cannot think of anybody who I could recommend more highly!

Jamie D

Las Vegas

I feel comfortable with this doctor. He is very knowledgeable and extremely thorough I trust him

Terese S

Las Vegas